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Diciadain, 28/Mar/2012

Al Mennie Arrived Safely On Islay

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On Monday I wrote Al Mennie To Leave For Islay Soon after he wrote on Twitter that he had decided that Tuesday was the big day. Through the day he (or probably his support crew) managed to send a few updates from the North Channel until at 20:52 hrs he sent the final tweet confirming his safe arrival:

Made it.was doin 4mph for first 12miles then hit bad water and slowed to 1.6mph at worst!9hrs 25mins later I made it to Islay Scotland

You can find a few pictures from his adventure online, click on the picture for bigger:

As of writing this Al Mennie's website hasn't got any updates yet, but you can read a quite long report at Record breaking surfer Al Mennie paddles over 30 miles from Ireland to Scotland for charity - The Daily Record.

Congratulations to Al for the successful completion of this challenge!

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