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Diciadain, 29/Aug/2012

Islay Book Festival 2012

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Last week, when I blogged about the video of Vivian French's visit to Port Ellen Primary School, I promised an entry about this year's Islay Book Festival. With it only just over a week away (it takes place 8th-9th/Sep/2012) I thought I should give it another mention now. The festival is going into its seventh year, going back to 2006, with another strong lineup:

To start with the adults programme, which includes some local content with Justin and Linda Ruthven-Tyers, who will talk about the their book Phoenix from the Ashes launched earlier this year. Another guest will be Liz Lochhead, last year appointed the second Scots Makar (National Poet). She will cover her role as national poet and Robert Burns. Taking you to one of Islay's neighbours, Gigha, Catherine Czerkawska will talk about her book God's Islanders: The Story of Gigha and more. The Islay Book Festival is also known for some excellent home baking being served, Sue Lawrence will hopefully share some of her recipes. Finally Geoff Dupuy-Holder will talk about Vampires and stone circles.

Moving on to the younger generation:

All classes are working hard reading books to prepare for the Islay Book Festival.

— Port Ellen Primary (@portellenps) August 23, 2012

As already mentioned Vivian French is returning to Islay, she will talk about pyjama parties. I'm not sure if she will wear a pyjama, her young guests might well do. There's almost no crime on Islay, but Joan Lennon is going to help the children to bring some bad guys to life. Linda Strachan will be bringing a book to life with toys for the youngest ‘readers’ as well as discuss knife crime and boy racers with her teenage books. Further guests include Keith Brumpton and Chae Strathie (who might also send Twitter updates from Islay on his Chae Strathie Twitter account).

I hope both authors and readers will have a great time again!

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