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Disathairne, 08/Dec/2012

New Products in Armin's Little Islay Shop

Islay News in stencil

With Christmas rapidly approaching you might say I'm just jumping on the bandwagon and it would be difficult to refute that argument. At the same time I really had to clean up Armin's Little Islay Shop a bit, as unfortunately the (Islay) sticker I was quite proud of isn't available any more. I'll have to see if I can source them elsewhere, but for now I've added a few new products:

Picture of a hooded sweatshirt with the slogan I'd rather be on Islay on the back

I've just ordered one for myself to keep warm this winter, the first product to mention is a hooded sweatshirt, also better known as a hoodie. I've gone for navy (which I've set as the default colour), but other colours are also available. Apart from the hood it also has front pockets helping to keep warm. The print, of course ‘I'd rather be on Islay’, is on the back this time.

Other new products include a messenger bag and an umbrella. I'm not sure the umbrella would survive the Islay winter storms, but I should think it will be fine on the mainland. Of course the I'd rather be on Islay T-Shirt is also still available.

So if I got you interested head over to Armin's Little Islay Shop and get your order in soon if you need it for Christmas…

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