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Disathairne, 04/Jan/2014

Cave dwelling holiday on Jura

Jura Excursions written in stencil

Something a bit different today, taking you over to Islay's neighbour Jura. Young Archie Vickers from Edinburgh (according to his profile he's currently studying for his Highers) recently went on a holiday on Jura. Not an ordinary holiday staying in a hotel or B&B, no, he stayed in a cave. OK, he had a tent as well, but he put that up in said cave. He's taken some great pictures from his adventures:

Screenshot of a Flickr account

You can find the pictures in Archie's Flickr Photostream, the best way is probably to look at all the pictures tagged with ‘Jura’. You can see his setup in Cave dwelling and a cool view of the Cave at night. There's also a splendid rainbow over Glen Trosdale.

I think they are from a different visit (as they look much warmer and greener), there's also a nice set The West Coast of Jura including this beautiful Jura Waterfall. And from (I think) yet another visit this great shot: Summit of Beinn a' Chaolais, Isle of Jura: 733 metres.

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