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Dihaoine, 07/Feb/2014

Friday Islay (and Texa) picture #315 - Texa and Islay

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

Kind of in two minds tonight, should I stick to the tradition or should I blog about something different? Earlier today I came across some great Islay from the air pictures by Doc Searls, taken during a flight from London to Newark (you can see them in his 2014_02_06 Islay Flickr Set). Regular readers will know how much I love aerial pictures. Still, it is a Friday, so I should really post a Friday Islay picture. Have been doing it for so many years, so I decided to stick with it:

Picture of two islands behind each other

This is a view from the ferry to Port Ellen, in the foreground is the northern end of Texa, behind it the south coast of Islay. I'm not sure what the hill on Islay is, I think the buildings on the right might be Stormcats at Lagavulin. Or are they warehouses at Ardbeg? Not sure about the angle really. In any case, I love the light and the colours in this view.

With that it's time to say good night and wish you a great weekend. I think tomorrows blog entry will be obvious? Yes, of course I will write more about Doc Searls Islay from the air pictures.

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