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Islay Jazz Festival

While I was slightly late with my entry for the Port Ellen Book Festival back in June I think my timing is better this time for the Islay Jazz Festival 2006. It starts on Friday the 15th and will run until Sunday the 17th of September. I don't know much about Jazz music, but there have quite a few reports in the press giving more information:

Already back in June John Gibson told readers to expect some dramatic performances in Islay. He believes he knows the reason why so many excellent Jazz musicians will come to Islay:

From as far back as when Louis Armstrong blew his first notes, jazz musicians' sneaking for a snifter has been well documented.

Brian Morton mixes birdwatching with music, when he's taking the choughs with the smooth. Oh, and a quick round of golf once the music is over.

The Herald covers the festival twice, first with an overview of the history and the program and also with portrait of Jaleel Shaw, who will be playing on Islay this weekend.

And at least one blogger (but not me) will be at the festival this weekend: Maura Brown will have a busy weekend trying to see several things. I hope there will be an update once they return from the festival.



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