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The Unbeatable Islay Cat Alpaca Duo

Picture of a cat and an alpaca

So I've had the cat. And I've had the alpacas. But then I thought I must be able to do better. OK, OK, it's not the best picture, but here's the unbeatable Islay Cat Alpaca Duo:

Alpaca: Hey, cat, there are intruders here on our farm. Strangers. Humans.

Cat: Right, let me check them out. I'll just sneak up on them and then pretend that I just want to play.

Alpaca: Yes, you do that. I'll watch over you from the distance.

Cat: Good plan. Us here on Islay have to watch out for each other.

Alpaca: Oh, careful, he's got a camera. Quick, look menacingly, show him who's boss here at Lossit Farm!

Cat: Don't worry, I'm an expert in that! Just watch and be impressed...

To be continued...



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