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Tuesday, 11/Dec/2007

More Islay Hotel Progress Pictures

As promised yesterday we return to ‘proper Islay content’ today. Three more pictures of the progress at the former Islay Hotel in Port Ellen, coming from the same set I already posted one picture of on Sunday. And a bonus Islay beach picture.

Picture of walls being built in a basement

Above what I would call the central area in the basement, the part between the two wings. To the left the wall of the seminar room, you can see where the door from the corridor is going to be. Lift and boiler room towards the right.

Picture of a larger room in a basement being built

A similar view from slighty further to the right. According to the plans the longer room on the right will be the laundry room. Boiler room and lift on the left, if I'm not mistaken the lift will be where the scaffolding is standing at the moment.

Picture of a panoramic view over a building site partly 'flooded' after a lot of rain

Looking from the other side two pictures I managed to stitch together to a panorama: This is the southern wing, the area where the seminar and meeting rooms in the basement will be. As you can see it is partly ‘flooded’ after a lot of rain and bad weather last week. Which leads me nicely to the bonus picture:

Picture of a beach with a lot of debris after storms

Quite obviously the beach at Tràigh Gheighsgeir with the maltings at the end. Not very inviting for sunbathing and beach rugby after the rain and strong winds during the second half of last week. May be not the nice golden clean sands we all like to see on Islay, but a reminder of the seasons which also make life interesting. Without them I think it would soon get boring if we had the same sunny weather all the time.

I hope you enjoyed the ‘proper Islay content’ today, if everything goes to plan there will more tomorrow. Not sure about what yet though.

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