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Saturday, 30/Aug/2008

Claggain Bay Islay Panorama

Going through some Islay pictures this afternoon (I've started working on a page about a walk to the summit of Beinn Tart a'Mhill on the Rinns of Islay) I came across a few pictures from the other end of Islay. Beautiful Claggain Bay to be precise. A late evening at Claggain Bay. It turned out I even had the pictures for a nice panorama, which looks like this in small:

Picture of a beautiful bay with a pebble beach in the late evening sun

Biggerise the Evening at Claggain Bay Islay Panorama

Not only that, I even created a Quicktime VR version of the Evening at Claggain Bay Panorama, Islay. On that version you can zoom in to much more detail than the two versions above. You might even be able to make out a few boats, they were from the Final Islay Malt Pillage.

That's all. Back to Beinn Tart a'Mhill.

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