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Sunday, 31/Aug/2008

Islay Hotel Name Update

Picture of two people hanging up a sign reading 'new name'

OK, time for an update to the update. On Friday a new name for the former Islay Hotel in Port Ellen was revealed. The name chosen led to some heated discussions on Islay and beyond. With that in mind Roland and Kathleen have asked Ron and myself today to publish the following message on our blogs:

Just to let everybody know, we have decided not to call the old Islay Hotel the jungle. We had no idea of all the negative connotations attached to the name, although we have been brought up to speed pretty quickly since Friday! We will rename the hotel at a later date. Watch this space...

Roland & Kathleen.

Hopefully the new new name will work out better. I guess it will be near on impossible to make everybody perfectly happy, but at least it should be possible to avoid the emotions ‘The Jungle’ raised. Both for the people on Islay as well as the visitors.

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