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Saturday, 30/Aug/2008

Islay Hotel Might Not Be The Jungle

After teasing you yesterday with And The New Name For The Islay Hotel Is... and planning an update later on I had some news from Islay which made me delay posting it. As there are enough people who know it anyway, here's the name Roland revealed yesterday in Port Ellen:

Picture of two people next to a banner reading The Jungle

Now here's the catch: It might not be called The Jungle after all. I hear objections to the name were raised as it makes it difficult for a number of people to like it and/or visit it. Without going into much detail, if you're not into Scottish football you probably won't understand, if you are you'll probably figure it out soon or can quickly google it. As a result Roland is now thinking about changing the name again.

Apart from that I quite like the name or at least the idea behind it. It's different. It's not a usual name for a hotel. It's not the Gaelic name so many places go for nowadays. Something fresh and unexpected. If he decides to go ahead with a name change I hope he can come up with something similar again.

PS: Before anyone complains why Roland didn't think of this before (with hindsight it's easy to know better...), to my knowledge he isn't really into football. I know a bit about football (even though I've lost interest recently) and I didn't think of the implications when I first saw the name. He couldn't really discuss it with many people (if any), as it was part of the competition. Unless you pay large amounts of money to some brand name agency I don't think it's easy to avoid all possible pitfalls of a name (and even they don't always get it right).

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