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Sunday, 09/Nov/2008

Tasting the Octomore Futures Islay Single Malt Whisky

Some computer geeks celebrate their purchases with an ‘Unboxing ceremony’ and document it in pictures and video. Why not do something similar with a whisky? Especially if it's a very rare Islay single malt whisky. My Bruichladdich Octomore Futures to be precise:


In 2002 Bruichladdich distillery on the Isle of Islay first distilled the Octomore, the most heavily peated whisky the distillery produced. 800 cases of it were sold as Octomore Futures, I bought one of those futures a few years ago. Then the wait began...

In 2008 the wait was over: In April Jim McEwan decided that the first Octomore was ready to be bottled. In October 2008 I picked up my box from the distillery. Time to enjoy it, or as Mark Reynier puts it:

The Octomore futures are now being delivered. I hope people get round to tasting it rather than merely whacking it directly on to Ebay

While unfortunately the first Octomore bottlings are indeed showing up on eBay I've already decided to keep all of mine (yes, I'm an egoist sometimes). It just tastes too good to sell it, even if I could sell them for at least twice as much as I paid for it. (Just in case you're wondering why it took so long to ship after it was released in September: I think there were capacity problems with Royal Mail, so they had to work out a solution with another carrier.)

So how does it taste then? Brilliant! As to be expected there's a lot of peat there. Peat smoke, peat fires come to mind. But not in a harsh and overwhelming way, as I had feared, instead it is in rather warm and mellow way. I'd say a winter whisky, a whisky for a wet, windy and cold day, to warm you up. There's also an underlying sweetness, but not too much either.

Thank you very much Jim for creating this excellent whisky!

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