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Dihaoine, 23/May/2014

Friday Islay picture #328 - Cliffs on the Oa

Friday Islay Picture in stencil

That's a rather bad week hopefully finally over. Far too long days in the day job stopped me blogging here during the week, sorry for the lack of updates here, only just had enough energy to update the Islay Pictures photoblog. Quite disappointing as this week is the eight anniversary of the first post on this blog. Then earlier today there was a huge fire in the Glasgow School of Art, which those who know me a bit will know is something I care about a lot. Trying to give this a positive spin a picture from just before this blog was launched:

Picture of some impressive cliffs on the Isle of Islay

That's the rather impressive cliffs on the Oa below Beinn Mhòr. Taken during the Islay walking week in April 2006. Some of the most spectacular scenery on Islay I think.

Funnily enough there will be another break not only on this blog but also the photoblog this weekend, as I will be using the opportunity of the long bank holiday weekend to visit a friend in Wales. No updates on both of my Islay blogs while I'm away. I intend to take a bottle or two of Islay single malt whisky with me though, so there will be a bit of Islay with me (sorry Welsh whisky distillers).

I'll aim to return to blogging on Monday with entries to both blogs, a new picture on the photoblog and the Islay blogging roundup on this blog. Until then, have a great (bank holiday) weekend!

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