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Thursday, 14/Jun/2007

Did Bacchus And I Meet On Islay?

Picture of the Isle of Jura Distillery

Yesterday I promised Rika in the comments to the Blog Reactions to BBC Springwatch on Islay entry that I would write something with a link to Japan. I understand a lot of people in Japan like Islay and Islay Single Malt whiskies. Today I'm going to return to someone I mentioned previously. Back in January I wrote, Did We Meet On Islay?

The entry was about the blog The Scenery in Scotland by Bacchus Ishigaki. Back in January I was wondering if that name is a pseudonym. I now know that it is. Why?

Because Bacchus recently found my blog and sent me a nice e-mail. I'm not going to give his real name here, I like his pseudonym for the entries he's writing in his blog. Back in April 2004 he visited Scotland for the third time and Islay for the first time. To be precise he was on Islay the same time as me, as I was there for the Islay Walking Week 2004. So the question was, did we possibly meet?

We wouldn't have really met, but possibly we saw each other. Or passed each other on the road. He sent me his itinerary, so I took a look. On the 19th we were at different ends of the island, so we probably didn't meet. But then it gets more interesting: On the 20th he first went to Caol Ila and then to the Isle of Jura Distillery. Guess where I was on the 20th, in particular in the afternoon? Yes, on Jura and at the distillery. On the 21st we were in different places mostly, although we could have met in Bowmore where I was staying. On the 22nd (my birthday) we were on different ends again, on the 23rd we were closer but still in different areas. And on the 24th I left, but we could have met when I was driving to the ferry. In summary: There's a good chance that we saw each other once or twice, although we obviously wouldn't have known back then that we would link our blogs to each other 3 years later.

But that's not all. Since January there are a few new pictures and reports (some also in English) on the website:

It's nice to read the entries and look at the pictures, being reminded that I was there at the same time.

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